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What Was and What Is Yet To Come

What is the coronavirus and how will it change the world we live in?

What Was and What Is Yet To Come

April 7, 2020

James Bengala

The novel corona virus of 2020 will undoubtedly be discussed and debated for centuries to come. What will be argued and by whom? Will future generations learn and be better prepared for the next ‘bat soup virus’? Was quarantining the global economy truly the best move when compared to the recorded spread rate and fatalities of past viruses? Some of these questions have indeed circled the table previously with past generations who fought the plague, pox, Spanish flu and other pandemics. Have we learned from the past and were we best prepared for the current virus? The answer is yes, and no.

The human race is incredible to say the least and we continue to achieve what most consider(ed) unthinkable. We’ve traveled to outer space and to the darkest depths of the seas, built self-driving cars and smart phones, and successfully transplanted hearts and lungs to save lives… all truly amazing feats. But when it comes to dealing with a rapidly spreading virus that exposes our weaknesses while unwinding the global economy, it’s easy to see we are ill equipped to manage the current situation.

As agents of commercial real estate brokerage our primary focus is to provide knowledge, expertise and advice to our clients so they are most advantageously positioned for the ever evolving marketplace. This can mean many different things to many different clients as investment strategies vary wildly. An easily agreed upon theme could read ‘to maximize the upside gains while minimizing downside exposure’. How you and your clients achieve this is uniquely yours and you should stick to what works. In unprecedented times like these, however, it’s nearly impossible to foresee what strategies will be best safe guarded against the certain uncertainty that lies ahead.

The following key elements lead to positive results in ANY circumstance and serve as the
foundational pillars of any successful relationship. The first element is engaging in ‘unbiased
teamwork’ to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Now more than ever, working in
conjunction with those who previously sat ‘across the aisle’ while letting go of unproductive
biases will help build a stronger bridge to future successes. The second key element is
choosing a ‘proactive approach’ in times of complexities. Read, study and continue to network
to stay ahead of the curve in the marketplace so you may maneuver your clients to maintain (or regain) a favorable position. The last element is ‘transparent communication’. It has been said that “unvarnished transparency builds great trust”. A motion to genuinely dive headfirst into talks of family, friends and visions of the future will help to forge an impervious relationship.

To put things in perspective, over 1.2 million confirmed cases globally have resulted in 70,000 deaths from the novel corona virus. Although significant, our current numbers are a far cry from the 50+ million and 200+ million deaths from the Spanish flu and the plague, respectively. The brightest minds on the planet are working tirelessly on sciences and technologies to expedite our ability to get a handle on COVID-19 and we should be eternally grateful. Let us continue to work together, to share ideas and information, and offer assistance to those around us in need so we may all look back at these times with a better understanding of what was and what is yet to come.

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